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When it is about the heavy duty equipment, only the best and safest performance will do. One needs to rely on his vehicle, its manageability and proper functioning. One wants to be confident that repairs and maintenance are carried out without need to compromise the quality of work. We aim at being the most reliable trailer and body repairer in the Southwest Finland. Our goal is to realize the company’s vision every day through every repair and maintenance service.
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Being a heavy duty vehicle driver and entrepreneur, you have to be highly responsible for maintaining own vehicle in a proper state in order to stay safe on the road. Therefore, the personnel of Ahlqvist Ltd aims at providing the best and most reliable vehicle repair and maintenance service. We want that the driver leaves us with a feel of a trust and satisfaction whilst completely relying on his vehicle’s performance. We do not compromise the quality of work or replacement parts.
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Inspections with SF Katsastus

We sincerely wish to be your versatile business partner when it comes to the heavy duty repairs. Therefore, we closely cooperate with K1-Katsastajat in order to be able to provide all the necessary services. SF Katsastus is the team of experienced professionals, whose service point shares the same premises with our experts from Rusko. You can quickly continue your travel further upon completion of an inspection after the smooth repair process.


Advertising products: Tiuku Tuotanto

Tiuku Tuotanto is specialized in elaboration and design of the advertising materials. Tiuku offers a wide range of the products, which include, inter alia, decals, stickers and other ad materials. Using such products, we can fix the vehicle decals and stickers, which have been damaged during an accident. Tiuku Tuotanto’s touch is different, exclusive and very functional. Explore the Tiuku Tuotanto’s services and portfolio from the link below.
Tiuku Tuotanto

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Ahlqvist Ltd is the company, which specializes on the trailers and heavy vehicles’ body repairs. Offices and services points of the company Ahlqvist Ltd are located in Raisio and Rusko. We also provide versatile range of the services, which are aimed towards fulfilling the needs related to the repair and maintenance of heavy duty vehicles. We are located by the main highway of Southwest Finland.

    • •   No need to schedule an express service appointment.
    • •   Cooperation SF Katsastus Ltd enables a very smooth vehicle inspection.
    • •   We can take care of the most challenging damages caused by accident.
    • •   Our spare parts store offers wide range of branded accessories.
    • •   Our highly skilled experts perform chassis works such as fixing of brakes.

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